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International Paper
International Paper
International Paper
Post Office Box 87
Cantonment, Florida 32533-0087
Telephone:(850) 968-2121
Fax: (850) 968-3068
Rusty Plenkers, Environmental Manager







International Paper's Cantonment facility produces over 1,400 tons of containerboard every day.


The plant provides employment for over 600 people.


International Paper is proud of the products we make and the way we make them. It is our passion and commitment to deliver the products our customers want while ensuring responsible stewardship of natural resources today and for generations to come.  For more than 110 years, our company has been one of the most environmentally responsible companies in the world. We have always taken a sustainable approach to business that balances environmental, social and economic needs. This approach has served our company and society well.

To International Paper, Sustainability means:

  • Caring for the environment and our business
  • Caring for present and future needs
  • Continuing to use resources wisely
  • Creating a smaller footprint

Translating our meaning into action we are focused on three key platform areas:

  • Managing our natural resources
  • Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Building strategic partnerships

An essential part of our sustainable business strategy is to make products in a safe and healthy workplace and to continually improveour environmental performance. We are committed to:

  • Working with employees to create and maintain an accident-free workplace
  • Emphasizing prevention of emissions and elimination of excursions

SustainabilityWe enthusiastically embrace the challenges we all face to safeguard our world. We are committed to stretching our imaginations, engaging thecreativity of our employees and working with our customers and partnersto discover new approaches and innovative solutions. We recognize that we must continuously improve. That's why we are always open to fresh thinking and gauging our progress. The core of our sustainability philosophy is that we must work together to drive business success whileSustaining a Better World for Generations -- we call it The IP Way.


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